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Austin Knights Pathfinders


The Pathfinder Calendar can be viewed here

2016-17 Registration: Scheduled for August 20th and August 27th. Check the bulletin/announcements/calendar.

Update: Nothing to say yet.

Induction Service: We had induction service. Good Sermon. Pathfinder campout in the camping area behind Stonehill church at night. The Pathfinders were introduced to the backpacking honor. Games included Capture the Flag. The Pathfinders were slow in setting up their tents (we used four), and there was a total of seven tents. We had 20 Pathfinders stay overnight, and 9 adults or staff, one “staff” child, and a staff/parent with a 4.5 month old baby. We had a blast.

Induction Practice: Yeah, we had another practice at Round Rock SDA Church. I think we’re ready now. We also had a few more Pathfinders register or indicate that they were joining us.

Induction Practice: We had practice at Round Rock SDA Church. We had another Pathfinder register.

First Meeting: Well, as you would expect, we got a few more registered today which brings us up to ten Pathfinders. We went over some dates, handed out IA Journals to our Pathfinders. They were introduced to drilling by MG Lauren.

Registration Update: Hi, Thank you to all of you who registered during our two registration events.

As of today, we have ten Pathfinders registered for 2015/16.

As a reminder, the Pathfinder calendar can be viewed at http://austinpathfinders.org

For the rest of you who are planning on joining us this Pathfinder year, I’m attaching the registration packets. There are instructions on the first page of each PDF. I am unable to prepare for your Pathfinder until you are registered, so, your materials like the class booklets have not been ordered from AdventSource until you are registered, and I cannot register you with the Texas Conference or the CTX area.

For staff and parents helping out, if you have completed the Shield The Vulnerable training and background checks since 2012, please send me a PDF copy of the certification for the club files, otherwise, please see the instructions in the packet on completing the training.

Austin Knights Pathfinders: Our first registration event went great! We handed out 15 of the registration packets we had prepared. Two were completed and returned. We have one more registration next Sabbath, August 29th from 5-7pm.

If you have a burden for our youth, we would welcome your help and service in Pathfinders. Please contact Lester Wan. We also have a few families that would like to participate but are challenged on funds, so if you could or would sponsor a Pathfinder, please contact Lester, or mark your tithe envelope “Worthy Pathfinder Fund“.

Our first regular meeting will be September 12th and Investiture/Induction will be on September 26th.

Welcome to a new Pathfinder year. This year, our theme is “Back to Basics”.  Registration will be from 5-7 pm on Saturday, August 22nd and 29th at Stonehill SDA Church. Registration fees are $50 and monthly dues are $15/month for 10 months for a total of $200 for the year. Our first regular meeting will be September 12th and Investiture/Induction will be on September 26th.

For the Pathfinder calendar or more information about the Austin Knights Pathfinders, please visit the Pathfinder website at http://austinpathfinders.org.