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Stonehill Squires Adventurers

Adventurer Club wants YOU! The new school year is upon us!  The Stonehill Squires Adventurer Club needs volunteer counselors for 2015-2016. If God has called you to work with elementary school-aged children, then please consider joining our club. Teens and adults are welcome to apply and must submit to a background check. For more info, or to find out other ways you can support our club, contact Laurie Chodorow at (512) 300-9723 or LChodorow@yahoo.com.

About the Club
The Adventurer Club is a Christ-centered family ministry of the Seventh-day Adventist Church for children in grades pre-K through 4th grade and their families.   The idea for this ministry came in the 1930s and was eventually formalized as the Adventurer Club in 1992 by the North American Division.  The goal of the club is to help families help their children to live for Jesus.  We do this by family participation in meetings, camping, and community service projects.  During meetings we have class work time for the Adventurer child to work on curriculum that teaches students about themselves, God, family and community.  At meetings we also enjoy devotionals, songs, and worship designed for young children.  Each child earns awards (patches) and pins for completing the basic requirements and additional activities.  You can learn more about the Adventurer Club by visiting www.adventurer-club.com.

Stonehill Squires Adventurer Club Staff
Director: Laurie Chodorow
Associate Director: Irais Ortiz
Associate Director: Emanuel Villanueva

2015 – 2016 Schedule and Registration Information

Cost per child for 2013 – 2014 is:

  • $5 – registration fee PLUS
  • $40 dues (one-time) PLUS
  • Uniform cost, if needed.

How do I enroll my child?

  1. Download the enrollment forms above.
  2. Fill out and turn in the forms, registration fee & dues to the club director.  Make checks payable to Stonehill Seventh-day Adventist Church.
How can I volunteer or help out the Stonehill Squires Adventurer Club?
  • You can spend time in prayer for our children, their families, and our leaders.
  • You can sponsor an Adventurer child’s club dues or uniform fees.
  • You can assist with club activities or teach an award.  Staff members and volunteers must fill out a volunteer application AND complete Adventurer staff training and child safety training.  Contact the club director for more specific information.
  • You can donate camping equipment, crafts or other supplies, or money to the club.  If you want a receipt for tax purposes, please ask the church treasurer, Ellen Jensen.

How do I contact the club director?
Adventurer Director: Laurie Chodorow – Email:  lchodorow@yahoo.com – Phone: (512) 300-9723.