4301 Kelly Lane, Pflugerville, Texas 78660 Saturday Study: 10am | Saturday Worship: 11:00am

Baptismal Studies


Are you interested in taking Baptismal Studies or possibly becoming a “Baptismal Coach”, and helping someone else prepare for Baptism? Those who show interest in the Bible can be mentored through our [truth] LINK or Amazing Facts studies.

Our track:

  • [truth] Link (28 Studies) – Baptism – Follow up studies (as is needed)
  • Amazing Facts (14 Studies) – Baptism – 12+ Studies Follow up (Post Baptism)

You can pick up some Amazing Facts study guides in the church lobby (or work through getting a set of [truth] LINK studies via the pastor, and share two a week based on the above track schedule, or study online with a friend.

Our Current Sabbath (Saturday) Morning study schedule:

  • 2nd Sabbath of every month: Adults (18+)
  • 3rd Sabbath of every month: Teens (14-17)
  • 4th Sabbath of every month: Earliteen (10-13)

Our scheduled Baptisms fall on the Last Sabbath of every Quarter.

Want to know more? Contact our Head Elder: Jacquie Reuben jacqui4stonehill@gmail.com