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Church Programs Cancellation Extended

How will this impact church for May 9, 2020? 

We are still officially in Stage 3, based on Directives from the Texas Conference of Seventh-day Adventists. The directives are driven by recommendations from the CDC. This means effective immediately, all ministries and worship services of the church will be cancelled till further notice. A “Safely Return to Church” Plan is being developed Read about it, and/or view the latest Youtube Video on it.

Safely Returning to Church – The Plan

We are working on ensuring at least live-streaming of a service, or possibly just the sermon via Facebook Live and/or our Youtube Channel.

More information on this and any further developments will be posted here, and on our Social Media pages.

Please continue to remember and support your church through your Tithes and offerings, it will be need now, more than ever before. For your convenience, you will find the link to Adventist Giving right here, or on the menu link above. May God bless you, as you bless Stonehill Church with your support.

Just a reminder, that we may have closed the building, but not the Church. We are the Church!! May our faith in God grow stronger. Keep Courage, Keep looking to Jesus.

Stonehill Seventh-day Adventist Church Covid-19 Contingency Plan

Stage 1 – Confirmed Cases in State of Texas 

  • All worship, ministries, and meetings in church facility remain active.
  • Extra sanitation and cleaning will be performed throughout the building.
  • Maintain disinfectant on door handles used most commonly around building.
  • Minimal, to no, physical contact between individuals during services or meetings.
  • Those at higher risk, elderly and current illness, encouraged to stay home.
  • Emphasize thorough hand-washing and use of hand sanitizer stations.
  • For those uncomfortable with attending in person, provide online streaming.
  • Share the guidelines with rental churches so they may be in accordance.

Stage 2 – Confirmed Cases Within Travis, Williamson Counties 

  • Online streaming encouraged for those who choose to stay home.
  • Vulnerable people groups asked not to attend, and to utilize online worship.
  • No food served on church premises (fellowship lunches, snack time, communion)
  • All food for school children must be packaged from home. No prep allowed on campus.
  • Extra cleaning and sanitation before and after worship services.
  • Leave doors with handles open to minimize contact with these surfaces.
  • Remove hymnals, Bibles, and other items from the chairs to prevent multiple contact.
  • Offerings will be collected at the door of the sanctuary, offering plates will not be passed.
  • Bulletins will be available on the table, but will not be distributed at the doors.
  • Multiple cleaning days enacted within the school and church for disinfecting of premises.

Stage 3 – Confirmed Case in Church or School, or Advisement of Local, State, or Federal Health Officials, direction of Texas Conference, and/or Adventist Risk Management 

  • All church services, connect groups will be discontinued until given guidance to resume.
  • School will be suspended until the environment is permissible to continue, guidance given.
  • Use of the building for rental churches will be suspended until guidance given to continue.
  • Perform an extra-deep clean of ALL surfaces prior to resuming programs and school.

Personal Preparedness– For 80% of cases it is a relatively mild illness that does not require hospitalization. While there is currently no way to eliminate COVID-19, we can slow down its spread and protect our vulnerable population of all age groups by recommending:

  • Washing hands frequently with soap and water (20 seconds recommended)
  • Not touching your face (mouth, nose, eyes) with your hands.
  • Utilize paper towel to grab door handles coming out of the restrooms, and other rooms.
  • Staying home if person feel sick until the illness is resolved.
  • Covering all coughs and sneezes with a tissue and wash hands thoroughly afterward.
  • Staying away from others who are ill whenever possible, and feasible.
  • Self-quarantine if come in contact with anyone diagnosed with COVID-19

A PDF version can be downloaded here: CONTINGENCY PLAN