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Stonehill Church Newsletter — August 31, 2012

Dearest Friends,

Preaching in the Minor Key
Have you spent some time with the Minor Prophets lately? How about Malachi? As we learned last week our church is launching a new study through the minor prophets to see how God wants us to GROW. For our passage for tomorrow we’ll be looking at chapter 1 verses 6-14 for a message titled “Your Very Best.”

Stonehill Volleyball: Are you Ready?
It’s coming. You better be ready. When you’ve composed your team email your team name and roster to me. Also, even if you’re not playing make sure to put the event on your calendar. It’s going to be a great event with lots of fun (and food) for the whole family.

Visitors Still Needed
As I spent some time talking to Thomas Taylor this last week I asked him if anybody but myself had come by to visit. My heart was broken to hear him tell me that only “7 or 8” people from our church had stopped by to visit him in the last two months since I pleaded with our church to visit with him. If you’re one of those people, praise the Lord. If not, please, please, show this dear member of our church the love and kindness that we would show Jesus. I beg you. Ten minutes is all it takes. Contact me, or Pat and Ken Krivoshein for more details or click HERE.

Getting to Stonehill Church
I’ve heard from many people that they haven’t enjoyed driving to the church because of all of the construction delays and clouds of dirt and dust. Well you’re in luck, our road is all done! So come on over and fellowship with us. We’d love to have you.

I can’t wait to see each and every one of you tomorrow.


Pastor Albert

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