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Stonehill Church Newsletter — July 26, 2012

Dearest Church Family,

One of my favorite stories about Jesus is told in Luke chapter 3. In it we find a very young Jesus (12 years old) wandering away from his parents and getting right into the thick of a discussion with some of the most learned academics of the day. The interesting thing is that Jesus wasn’t just listening, he was leading the conversation. The fact that a young boy was holding his own with the professors and expert debaters was not lost on the crowd and the Bible describes the amazed crowd by saying: “all who heard Him were astonished at His understanding and answers.” That’s right, Astonished!
Jesus was the product of a God-based education. Otherwise known as: the best kind of education.
“The best education that can be given to children and youth is that which bears the closest relation to the future, immortal life. This kind of education should be given by godly parents, devoted teachers and by the church, to the end that the youth in turn may become zealous missionaries for either home or foreign fields. They are to be earnestly instructed in the truths of the Bible, that they may become pillars in the church, champions for truth, rooted and grounded in the faith.” Education. p 231
I firmly believe that a Christian education is a vital part of my grounding as a young adult in the Church. It provided me with the tools and the support to make a decision to go into the ministry and dedicate my life to gospel ministry. As a result, I am unabashed in encouraging every single one of you to consider giving your children the same experience.
If you have children between the ages of pre-k to 5th grade the greatest gift you could give them would be an education that places Jesus Christ at the center of their learning. Our very own Stonehill Christian Academy is positioned to provide just that kind of opportunity. Again, If you have a child eligible for pre-k through 5th grade, then you really owe it to your family to come to our school registration/open house this Sunday, July 29, from 10am to 4pm.
If you have questions or concerns, that’s normal.. Come and talk to Ms Liz Caraballo our Principal and she’ll have the answers. Over the years I have heard Parents and Children share all kinds of different reasons why they can’t attend Adventist Education, here are a few of them followed by some quick comments.
  • .”We don’t have the money.” This is one of the most often heard reasons out there for not attending Seventh-day Adventist Education. It is true times today are tough, yet if you have never approached the school to discuss assistance in helping you with this struggle, then I would say that this is not a reason to share with others as to why your child is not attending. We are here as a church with the goal of having EVERYONE of our Church members that are school age in one of our schools. Please come talk to us if the above excuse is one you are facing – we want to help.
  • “The academic portion is not up to par.” This excuse bothers me, because I have personally never heard of a graduate of an Adventist School being told upon applying for the next level of education “You can’t come here to this school because the Adventist School you came from doesn’t have good academics.” My response is simple, some of the best professors, scientists, businessmen, and physicians in the country are products of Adventist Education. In fact, the current personal physician of the President of the United States of America is a seventh-day Adventist. Dr Jeffrey Kuhlman is a product of adventist education from elementary school through medical school. That’s a pretty big testament if you ask me.
  • “We don’t like that teacher or principal.” To this excuse, all I have to say is we have some of the BEST teachers in the world right here in Austin. They are respected by their peers, they have been given high marks by many parents, and have great reviews by the Texas Education Departments. They are dedicated and most importantly they love and display Jesus.
  •  “It is too long of a drive to school each day.” My question is when you look back one day when you are standing in heaven with your child or grandchild or even neighbor child will you turn to them and say; “You know I regret driving that 30-40 minutes to get you to school each day.” You will be glad you did!
  • “My child gets enough Adventism at home and church.” Tonight I want you to do this. When you sit down to eat I want you to break all but two legs off your dining room chair so that there are only two left. Then sit down and eat and tell me how that works for you. Two are better than one but when you have three you have a steady base. Adventist Education, the home, and the church make a powerful team. They all rely on each other.
  • “I went to Adventist Education and I was hurt or had another problem.” My friend, am I saying that Adventist Education is perfect? NO? Would our teachers say it is? NO. Have there been people hurt? Yes. Yet I can say this, Adventist education is heads and shoulders above public education for one reason: The Spiritual Component. And our academic part is right on par and in many cases better than public education.
  • “There are not the extracurricular programs offered that my child needs.” Friends there are always piano teachers and other private classes that you can sign your child up for after school. Perhaps if it is sports why not donate some of your time 1 or 2 evenings a week and get a soccer or softball league together. We need to remember that life is about balance and our kids need to also have time to be kids.
You may have some other objections and I would love for you to come and share these with me so we can talk together. I will say this, you will always hear me standing up for Adventist Education because I fundamentally believe it changes lives. It is the best thing out there for our children when it comes to Education, bar none.
In other news, we have an exciting weekend ahead of us. We’ll be having a very special guest speaker, Elton Demoraes, from the Texas conference office in the pulpit. He’ll be sharing a heart-stirring vision for what God can do through our very own church for the city of Austin. I’ll be there and I’m looking forward to seeing each and every one of you.
Pastor Albert

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